Submissive Memories…The Deleted Scenes

Just us.

Last night was my first night with him as my dominant & only my dominant, and me as his sub and sub alone.

Just us.

No future, no sleeping over… No feelings? No emotions?  No point?

Not so much.  The old feelings came back – when he touched me or held me (briefly) or kissed me (minimally) they flooded back.  They made my tummy flip and my heart beat momentarily quicker.  I wanted to just look at him and remember him, however much it would hurt my heart.

 And then sub took over and in to space I fell.

Spanking started, which made me weak – I missed it.  Followed by thinking time hog tied in my black pleated skirt, white cotton shirt and bra, ass up.  I went through my misdemeanors list in my head, then simply enjoyed the silent vibrating in my white cotton panties from my bullet vibrator.  After waiting for so long for release it was hard not to lie back and just go with it.  Well I did a little – but not enough.

On his return, paddling me with the long handled, hard, wooden brush took me to the next level – the pain stopped and pleasure took over.

I can’t always make it to that ‘place’ during a session – sometimes it’s just darkness and pain…

But moments after, it was over his fingers which did nothing to stem my growing need to come – hitting all my favourite places – slick and delicious and definitely needed.  The command not to cum only elicited more need to do exactly that.  I did well though.

Hair in his grip and made to crawl (my inner pet makes my stomach tremble just imagining her being allowed out – she is my new favourite) i was placed on tippy toes by the fridge while he cooked for me, every now again being brought to the brink, spanked and then left again.  Oh torture – i love it.  I just can’t help moving my ass subtly in his direction hoping for a little more attention.  I got it – ice cube lubricated in mouth before being placed in my ass made me think twice about shifting myself in his direction unasked for.

Any new sensation is a gift though.  I want it all.  

The command to suck his cock was such a delight I practically came there and then…impatient as ever I felt my need growing before finding myself in my favourite place – on my knees.  Hard cock in mouth.  Sucking and playing and utterly in my element – thoroughly distracting him from cooking.  Even if only momentarily.

Feeling him hold my hair and head in place while i sucked brought out my little slut – she just loves it.  Rougher the better.  I love her headspace too.  Feeling and hearing him cum, and tasting him and showing him with mouth open put me in a good place for what was to come – although i just wish he could have fucked me there and then.  Instead, leading me back to the fridge, he made me beg…i love to beg…and then he made me cum.

At last…I felt myself let go of my mind, fall heavily against him, and sink into his arms which held me safe while I flew….


Pet came out during dinner – on my knees, hair gripped hard in his hands, he fed me.  Yes Sir – that ‘wry smile’ was sheer pleasure at you letting me have her out her cage, despite it being in response to a cheeky comment.  I’m still getting my head around Pet as a headspace.  I am trying to work out what I love about her – but in the right hands, and the right grip, she is amazing.

I needed more more more. So long without a Dominant, my submissive had become desperate for release that no amount of toys could fulfil.  I needed him.

I was denied.  


10 ways Daddy makes me feel like his Baby girl


Love this – so sweet. Miss playing with my Little

Originally posted on Babygirl's Corner:

Task 2 from WWA. Thank you my sweet friend. This one isn’t as easy, and will be a long post. ❤️

1. Protects me from the icky boys out there.

I read on one if those cutesy Daddy dom things some rules and one said protect Baby girl from the icky boys. I thought it was cute and sweet but that doesn’t really apply. I was wrong. I had a person who said they are a Dom and a Daddy but they way they talked to me (on twitter) was rude and disgusting. I showed Daddy right away and he told him he was not a Dom or a Daddy or at least not a good one if that was how he was going to talk to a Baby girl. It made me feel good to be protected.

2. Stuffies

When Daddy knew he was going to travel he picked…

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My New Favourite Song

You know sometimes you hear a song and you’re instantly transported to a moment or a feeling or a place?

I rarely find songs i really relate to, but every now and again a little gem comes through for me and this one, Treading Water featuring Detour City by Breakage is exactly that,  makes me feel all subbie

Click to listen


TrueSub x

The Stranger Part 3: Mine

The idea of being ‘someone’s’ was utterly compelling yet simultaneously unthinkable somehow.  What did such a scenario entail?  The giving up of my life given right to free will was practically laughable, yet I felt myself weaken a little, just a little, at the prospect.

I knew nothing of this world aside from the pleasure, and mental and physical sensations he had just this moment gifted me with. I felt my heartbeat jump a little harder, felt my mouth go a little drier, felt my mind race a little faster… His?

Who was he? A stranger by all accounts yet one with so much inexplicable power over me that even now, when I should have been running for the door and no doubt calling the police, there I lay….naked, utterly vulnerable and totally, completely and already His.

The word was out of my mouth in an instant: “Yes”.

His eyes which had moments before been gently shining with hope and desire were instantly filled with something darker and more dangerous and compelling than anything I had before witnessed.  The proximity of those eyes, and the message they so easily conveyed was overwhelming…I had to look away.

“Yes what?” he demanded.

I looked at him, my own eyes no doubt filled with bemusement and confusion.  Then it clicked, the meaning behind his question came to the fore and I returned, as quick as a flash: “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl”, he replied to me.  He was lying almost directly over me; the top half of his body raised up, the lower half pushed up against mine, his forearms were either side of my head.  I was trapped…and my body was awash with desire. My mind fizzed and the smallest smile played at my lips as he commended my efforts.  I wanted more tests, I wanted to show him I would do anything, say anything, go anywhere…if only to hear those two little words again.  They held such power, power which was previously unknown to me.  Had someone said such a phrase to me before this evening I would have looked at them in utter disdain!  Yet, coming from his delicious, perfect lips they were heaven…my new slice of heaven.

He swiftly got up and retreated to the bathroom with the command to ‘Stay there’ as his walked away.  Where else would I be going I thought?

As I heard the shower turn on I was overcome with a need to come, so strong that I felt I may implode without any course of action.  Around 3 times in my life I have been so turned on that I knew I could bring myself to orgasm in 10 seconds flat given the chance…this was one of those moments.  My body was quite literally vibrating with an internal need so strong that I was barely aware of my hands travelling downwards, I hardly acknowledged my fingers opening myself up and exposing that gorgeous little spot which zinged with desirous potential…my clit was engorged and desperate for attention, and as my head sunk back softly and my eyes closed with relief the pleasure was instant.  I felt it catapult through me from that busy little nerve centre to my womb, to my stomach, to my throat and down through my thighs….as it mounted and the pressure further filled my legs and my torso, I heard myself panting as my fingers bore down and pushed on desperately searching for that ultimate high.  I usually liked to let my orgasms build slowly and deliciously until they pulsed through me like a tidal wave but on this occasion I wanted it now…I needed the relief, it was almost pain.

Mere moments after I had started I felt the end closing in on me…my body was bucking, my breasts pushed out, my feet pushed down into the soft material upon which I lay as they tried desperately to steady me and give me some kind of hopeless grounding.  It was futile, my orgasm was like lightening bolting through my body.  I cried out to God and a low animalistic growl tore from my throat – I was coming hard.

As quick as they came, the sensations were gone – always the draw back of these hard hitting peaks, so blissfully good but so hellishly quick.  As my final wave of delicious pleasure pulsed over me and my mind returned to an almost normal state of post orgasmic composure I blinked my eyes, which had been tightly shut for the duration, open…and was met with my new Sir staring down upon me.

His body was tight like that of a man who eats well and keeps fit so as to fulfil his duty of working hard and playing harder; his skin glistened with water droplets from the shower; his hair was slicked back from washing it; his cock was stood to strict attention, no doubt a result of the sight of my not so secret masterbation, yet his eyes were black as night.  The fear of God shot through me…was that not allowed I thought?

“Who gave you permission to come young lady?” The question left me baffled.  I stuttered and stumbled over my words for a moment, looking up at him beseechingly before seeing my battle was lost.  I was on new territory now, one in which my orgasms were prescribed, and although that would have been completely unacceptable from any other man, this man could quite frankly ask me to do, or not do, whatever he wanted.  I had no idea why.

“I’m sorry Sir”, I muttered as I sat up, keeping my eyes directed to the floor.  I studied my hands for a moment, which were clasped in my lap,  before flicking my eyes over my breasts and nipples which were still pert and hard from the lasting effects of the orgasm.  I felt myself being turned on again, this time by my own body and by the electricity in the room between us.

“Look at me”, he demanded.  I followed my order and looked up in to his dark eyes.  “We are yet to put your rules in place, I appreciate that, and despite the obvious physical effects your little display has had on me you shall be punished for acting without permission.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir” I murmured as I simultaneously wondered when this sexy stranger was going to allow me to suck his gorgeous, hard cock.

“Our next session together will be one of physical punishment for your misdemeanour.  Not only that, you are not permitted to orgasm either with me nor yourself until next time and even then, it will be based on your actions over the next few days. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir.”  My eyes dropped from his smouldering face, down his torso to his cock again.

“Look at me young lady.  You have aroused me, and against my will. You will suck me and I am going to come on you.  You have been a bad girl, and only good girls get to swallow….”

Oh my good lord, my stomach was somersaulting, these words, so crude and so direct and so decadently controlling…I wanted him coming now now now.

He stood in front of me, took my hair in one hand and placed the other underneath my chin as a silent command for me to open up.  I felt my cunt tense and release with a post orgasmic clench and I knew I had drenched his beautiful sofa.  My eager mouth took him in and sucked.  His hand on my jaw moved down to the throat and I took this as a sign to push down as far as I could manage, which was surprisingly far from this angle.  The words “Good girl” joyously emerged from his mouth and I felt my womb contract once again, I was becoming ravenously turned on – again!

Just as I had been on the brink of my orgasm almost the minute I had touched myself, he too was not far from completion just moments in.  I heard his breathing quicken in pace, I felt both his hands grip my hair hard pulling it up and weaving it round his fists for better grip.  It pulled at the roots a little, I loved it.  When he began to pulse me up and down his long hard shaft faster and faster I began to gag just a little from the continual forced pressure to the back of my throat, and my lack of experience in being so out of control in this situation meant my breathing was ragged.  It took me a moment to realise I needed to relax, at which moment his cock pushed back further still and a groan escaped his lips.  I opened my eyes and saw his lower torso was tensed and solid from the pressure of his building orgasm.

I lifted my lashes up and looked up to him, my mouth and cheeks and throat full of him…he glowered down at me, his eyes more intense than I had seen of them until this moment…which to be fair, had only been around 6 hours!  The thought of what I was allowing an almost stranger do to me, mixed with his uttered words of “I’m going to come” jolted my body almost off the sofa. How could I hold back from a self induced orgasm between now and when I next see him?  I need one right now…he won’t notice I naively thought, and so I allowed my fingers to reach back down to my hot, wet pussy and quickly and quietly circle my clit as before, over and over and…..his hand grabbed my hair and yanked my head back so I was looking directly up at his face, his now free hand working over himself quickly and efficiently just as mine did over my clit.  He noticed what I was doing but was too far gone to care…his eyes screwed tight for the briefest moment, and a look for pain and pleasure washed hard over his face at which point I was sent into another frenzied orgasm, perfectly in time for his hot spunk to cover my face, my throat, my collar bone, my breasts…my mouth instinctively opened as I came hard to the sounds of his own pleasure and I licked up and relished the taste and texture of his cum.  What had I become? What had this man done to me?  I thought I was a nice girl?

As we locked eyes, I quickly moved my fingers from my pussy, bringing them up to my mouth and sucked hard on them whilst keeping my eyes trained on his.

His own eyes shone amusedly, before reverting to delicious darkness and the words “Bad girl – double punishment for you young lady.  When will you learn?”  He let go of my hair and I sank back into the soft seat.

I sighed contentedly and thought that I quite liked the idea of being a ‘nice girl gone bad.’  Little did I know exactly what this dominant stranger’s double punishment entailed – had I known what was in store for me I would have been a lot less smug right at that moment.

To be continued….


My Heartfelt Apologies…

….for my absence.  What a bad girl I am!

Life had been shooting by and writing has fallen by the wayside, but not for long.

The Stranger needs an ending, my filthy thoughts need to be brought to life and my unrequited submissive tendencies need an outlet, so new material is not far behind.

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I lie there, thinking about not thinking about him.  

I change positions, I turn the pillow, I get up for a glass of water and then try again.  

I think desperately of nothing… yet in all that nothingness comes nothing but him.  

The way he would look at me.  The way he would hold me.  The way he would punish me then love me.  

It was everything.  He was everything.  

Now it’s nothing.  Cut off at the quick – no where for the special, completely unique, unfullfilable, unending love to go.  

It just sits in my heart waiting to be brought back to life – but nothing can resuscitate it now. 

Except the one thing it needs – and can never have. 


And so I lie there and think of nothing, but Him. 


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