King To My Queen

Just found this poem written in September…


You were just you, but now you are

My everything and more

Without your strength and guidance

Id be lost as I was before.

Though I didn’t expect you to mend me

To counsel or to heal

your love gave me space to breathe again

To feel whole, complete and real.

The world began to make sense again

You were sent to make me see

Though I’d been damaged before, and broken

What remained was not truly me.

The shell must have been knocked,

Of the armour I’d built up

As it failed to protect me from you

From your unquestioning accepting love.

I never meant to fall, 

I was hard to it I thought,

But my heart had other plans for me

I needed to be taught…

That just because some must men fail

And must abdicate the crown

There are others out there, just a few

 Who will never let you down.

And these ones are as rare and sweet 

as a precious gem or stone.

So now you are simply not allowed 

To step down from your throne.

Your strength made me queen once again

I am purposeful and sure

And I thank you for your unquestioning self 

Your love all mine and pure 

Submissive Shadow

I crouch there in child pose on the bed letting the time wash over me; allowing the peace and solitude to clear away the wasted emptiness sub’s heart feels when apart from Him.

All that emotion and sensation, love and burning desire chained away, it’s safer there, but always waiting for its’ moment of release, which can only be brought forth by another.

Still He had not come for her.  And so I waited longer still in this silence to allow her time to feel what she needs to feel in these moments when she feels brave enough to come forth.


Huddled in this comforting self hug, my head resting gently on the matress, eyes quietly, peacefully shut, arms outstretched in front of me, palms turned up and reaching out for only empty air which is all they will find there.  Bent in two like this, I feel her heart beat slowly and steadily, hungrily and sadly against my knees…it’s as patient as she is though.

A yearning for something intangible rolls silently and vastly through my body; she is rocked by it and I feel her reacting so physically to it from my objective view point of Self.  Sub is locked away without these moments of freedom and solice, and whilst without a guide to shepherd her, I take that place of Him, caring for my lonely beautiful submissive little girl, because she is mine.  I am hers.  We are one and the same and yet so incredibly seperate.

She is quieter now, she slips into reality less and less frequently, tending generally to let me take the lead, which of course is what she knows best.  But when she comes out I let her have her time; she wants to take over my mind and my body and I let her, because my self and my sub support one another when no one else knows how to.

She craves a Dominant, and I crave it too on her behalf, but above and beyond being any Dominant’s, at times when we are free from a leader, she is mine to love and cherish.  And in these moments of quiet, still silence, when it is just me and mostly her curled round one another on the bed, drinking in the bliss of being brave enough to be free, if only just for a short while before she needs to retreat back in and bring her strength Self back, we take joy in one another.  Pleasure at having the company of a similar yet different self….I drift between her mind and mine and enjoy the differences, the similarities, the desires, the yearning, the unquenched needs of her…and the regularly fulfilled needs of my own.

Both so different yet, one and the same.

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My little submissive shadow and me

My Sweet Little Girl

“I expected more” he said to me as I dropped down to my knees

I hung my head the shame ripped through and I stared down at the floor.

“I’m sorry” I whispered but barely heard, I looked up my eyes implored

But his eyes stayed hard his posture straight I knew what was in store.

“You’ll remain here for an hour, right there where you are, don’t move, or talk, even sigh”

“When the time is up i’ll return and from there we will discuss your little lie.”

He left me then and my eyes filled up, I was sad but knew it was deserved

I should have paid attention, done what was right, been a good girl: sweet and reserved.

The time dragged on the world slowed down though my heart picked up its pace

My breath came fast, my mind raced on as I sunk into my submissive’s space.

Finally I heard the latch lift up, felt his presence enter into the room

I felt so small, so bad and so ashamed, and sunk further into my gloom.

The ball gag pushed against my now dry lips; I opened up wide as I was trained.

Tightened up hard, the cuffs followed next & i knew I was in for some pain.

The paddle, oh no, I hate that thing, it marks and burns and welts

But his hand’s on my head as he leads me to bed and the fear inside me melts.

I’m his little, I’ve been bad, but I know it’s ok, he’ll punish with only what’s fair

I’ll take the pain, and be good again, he’s just showing me how much he cares.

So I lie there as pain rains down on my skin, I cry and I beg for no more

But he continues on teaching the lesson I need, I’m feeling so painful, so sore.

Then the tirade of fire ceases it’s angry attack and his hands begin to assuage

The burning I’m feeling, my poor reddened skin has flared into a terrible rage.

The cool of the oil, the touch of his hands, the soothing words into my ear

The worst is now over, the love can pour back no more worry, or upset or fear.

My heart now feels open, my guilt feels released, I am freed and my body unfurls

“Well done my sub, your lesson is done, now come here my sweet little girl.”

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Not Alone

I stumbled on this on Facebook…truer words have never been said.

Nice to see it isn’t just us who felt this ‘awful truth’ Sir…

Such is the mystery and beauty of life…

Forever yours



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When Night Time Surrounds Me – Memoirs Of A Submissive

When night time surrounds me

And day time surrenders

When spirits come to revel in the dark hours’ splendours

When the pale of the moon glares white against black

When reality fades and my mind wanders back.

I know I should pick up my heart and march on…

But dark memories call and I’m pulled off track. 

The whip with its crack and the hand with its smack

The cane with its whoosh as it’s forced through the air

The feel of His fingers caught tight in my hair.

The paddle so hard, bringing tears to my eyes

Before slippery wetness would course down my thighs.

Deprivation of sight, and touch and sound

The feel of my knees forced down to the ground.

The longing for more and the relief of its pain

A slight pause, a caress, before starting again.

Too much, then I’m gone, lost in true sub space

At His feet, head bowed; I knew my place.

Cuffs bound tightly, or ropes pulled taut

The bliss of having my hands safely caught.

Straddling the chair or over His knee

He always knew where I needed to be.

Good girl, or brat, little or pet

Each of His girls were a perfect set. 

Slut and princess, all in a club

But favourite of all of course was His sub.

She took what was needed with thanks at the end

She’d straddle or kneel or suck or bend.

The perfect mix of all of the girls

Brat’s stamping foot or good girls’ cute curls.

I remember them all – they are always with me

And the memories of blisters, and welts and bruised knees

I keep them locked up, fenced off in my mind

With the those pink fairy lights surrounding the shrine.

So when night time surrounds me and day time surrenders

These spirits come to revel in my dark minds’ splendours

When the pale of the moon glares white against black

My reality fades and my mind wanders back…

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What Do You Want little one?

“What do you want little girl?” he asked of me.

You Sir.  All of You – I want to lose myself in You and with You.

I want my senses to be tied up, my mind to give up and my body to be Your play thing, to do with as You see fit.

I want to be the slave who takes away all Your pain and the slut from whom You take the greatest, dirtiest, darkest pleasures.

I want to be the little You can take the most precious care over and the brat You can’t help but want to tame.

But most of all Sir…I want to kneel at Your feet and be the submissive You have always dreamed of owning – the one possession You are the most proud of – the one other being on this whole earth whom You know you can trust with Your life; to support You and love You and take everything You have to give, be it agony or ecstasy.

I want You Sir.

You are my everything.

“Oh little, you really are the sweetest thing. But I meant: do you want tea or coffee?”


Submissive Memories…The Deleted Scenes

Just us.

Last night was my first night with him as my dominant & only my dominant, and me as his sub and sub alone.

Just us.

No future, no sleeping over… No feelings? No emotions?  No point?

Not so much.  The old feelings came back – when he touched me or held me (briefly) or kissed me (minimally) they flooded back.  They made my tummy flip and my heart beat momentarily quicker.  I wanted to just look at him and remember him, however much it would hurt my heart.

 And then sub took over and in to space I fell.

Spanking started, which made me weak – I missed it.  Followed by thinking time hog tied in my black pleated skirt, white cotton shirt and bra, ass up.  I went through my misdemeanors list in my head, then simply enjoyed the silent vibrating in my white cotton panties from my bullet vibrator.  After waiting for so long for release it was hard not to lie back and just go with it.  Well I did a little – but not enough.

On his return, paddling me with the long handled, hard, wooden brush took me to the next level – the pain stopped and pleasure took over.

I can’t always make it to that ‘place’ during a session – sometimes it’s just darkness and pain…

But moments after, it was over his fingers which did nothing to stem my growing need to come – hitting all my favourite places – slick and delicious and definitely needed.  The command not to cum only elicited more need to do exactly that.  I did well though.

Hair in his grip and made to crawl (my inner pet makes my stomach tremble just imagining her being allowed out – she is my new favourite) i was placed on tippy toes by the fridge while he cooked for me, every now again being brought to the brink, spanked and then left again.  Oh torture – i love it.  I just can’t help moving my ass subtly in his direction hoping for a little more attention.  I got it – ice cube lubricated in mouth before being placed in my ass made me think twice about shifting myself in his direction unasked for.

Any new sensation is a gift though.  I want it all.  

The command to suck his cock was such a delight I practically came there and then…impatient as ever I felt my need growing before finding myself in my favourite place – on my knees.  Hard cock in mouth.  Sucking and playing and utterly in my element – thoroughly distracting him from cooking.  Even if only momentarily.

Feeling him hold my hair and head in place while i sucked brought out my little slut – she just loves it.  Rougher the better.  I love her headspace too.  Feeling and hearing him cum, and tasting him and showing him with mouth open put me in a good place for what was to come – although i just wish he could have fucked me there and then.  Instead, leading me back to the fridge, he made me beg…i love to beg…and then he made me cum.

At last…I felt myself let go of my mind, fall heavily against him, and sink into his arms which held me safe while I flew….


Pet came out during dinner – on my knees, hair gripped hard in his hands, he fed me.  Yes Sir – that ‘wry smile’ was sheer pleasure at you letting me have her out her cage, despite it being in response to a cheeky comment.  I’m still getting my head around Pet as a headspace.  I am trying to work out what I love about her – but in the right hands, and the right grip, she is amazing.

I needed more more more. So long without a Dominant, my submissive had become desperate for release that no amount of toys could fulfil.  I needed him.

I was denied.