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 Whatever that means to you, it will hold a very different meaning to me.

I am a writer and a dancer.  I am a mum of one and I have been ruthlessly independent because of that.

Then I met him, and my world changed.

I am not detailing a submissive’s guide – although I hope it will appeal to the closeted subs out there and encourage them to be true to themselves. It is so worth it when guided by the right hands.

And equally, I hope it appeals to the hard and fast subs, Dom’s, slaves and Master’s out there and every sub-genre in between.

 I start by writing about my discovery of submission and how it released me from a world I hadn’t even realised I was bound by.

I go on to write fantasy and erotica.

I hope you enjoy.

Begin here for the Fantasies or Begin Here for the True Diary

If you have any questions, please email

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41 thoughts on “I am a submissive.

  1. beccyjo says:

    Your ‘About Me’ struck a lot of chords with me, I’m also a single mum of one, and have been super independent since I was 19 years old, and can totally identify with the thinking that submission is something different for every one of us. Looking forward to reading more of your writing.

    1. damagedprincess says:

      Thanks Beccy Jo – I love having this outlet. My sub just wants so much love which she can ask for, whereas I find I as my super independent self, can’t and never has been able to – which is probably why I have never received what I need. I’m glad you have found your way on to this path too – it’s made such a positive different to my life. xx

  2. daddyslittlehmongslut says:

    You have a talent for expression reading your fantasy has me on the edge lol Daddy and I haven’t had my first spanking yet. I’m much too afraid of it so I’m trying to be His good little girl. But sometimes that naughty streak jumps out and I think to myself, what happens when I say no??? 😉 anyways, I love your stories and you and your Daddy sound soooooo amazing!! 🙂 I hope it’s gonna be like that for me 🙂 Daddy for now is already amazing to me so I guess we will see 🙂 thanks for having an awesome blog! Can’t wait to see what’s next! 🙂

  3. TTT x says:

    Quite difficult to follow doesn’t seem in order but still I find it all very sad and upsetting. especially that you have child which will inadvertently be witness to at least the emotional side effects. You sound confused with no sense of self or worth at times. Sorry to offend but maybe you need time from that lifestyle to reflect and think about who you truly are. You have a child yet , you’re treat and called a child (girl/little girl) containing violence,sex and emotional manipulation. Like I say, sorry if I offend.But you have put your life out there, with comments not disabled. I will not agree with abuse, whether to ones self or permitting someone to abuse. I wish you and your child all the best.

    1. damagedprincess says:

      There is very little need to apologise so profusely – I am hardly likely to take offence from a strangers comment so worry not. The recent fantasies in my blog are exactly that – D/s fantasy erotica. The first 6 months worth of writings (written back in 2012 to early 2013) are diaries for me to look back over and recall what was a magical, passionate, incredible, heart wrenching, brilliant life changing, life affirming experience for me – one which has made me the exact opposite of how you have described – ‘confused or without a sense of self’. If anything it helped me find a part of myself which was always there (I realise in hindsight) and is incredibly real but had no outlet or place in my day to day reality. Before it I was very lost, very bitter. You sound perhaps like it is not a state of mind or a world you know much about, which is fine, but if that is the case then I would suggest that perhaps you need not comment on something you do not understand, certainly bandying about the term ‘abuse’ is pretty heavy going for a quick comment on a strangers blog.

      You may think that you are somehow saving us submissives one comment at a time, but in fact you are showing a lack of understanding about something which is very real and as much a part of a person’s natural born personality as being gay or straight. There is a very broad and intense spectrum of feeling and emotion connected to being a submissive (or little, or slave or whatever they or their partner choose to call them, which depends entirely on how they conduct themselves). It is also spiritual, freeing…wonderful. The subjects I choose to write about on my blog do not complete my entire submissive being…they are not the be all and end all of my life. My submissive tendencies and feelings are as wide and deep as yours may be toward a more ‘vanilla’ lifestyle – neither is more real or important than the other – just different. My blogs are 1% of me – I doubt very much you would have found my blog had I written about washing up. Or changing nappies. Or taking my son to school. It seems obvious that you found my blog, and no doubt other D/s blogs through researching this topic. I make no claims to this being anything other than a submissives journey – whether it is real or fantasy is no matter surely? I write sex based stories, stories which I and the tens of thousands of people who read my blog find deeply erotic. It varies from hardcore to romance. If you wish to focus on the hardcore and then relate that to the sole existence of the writer (me) then yes, I imagine I would be rather worried for myself too if I were THAT black and white. My life though is not all sex, whips and rock and roll. It is work, my child (thank you so much for your deep concern over his safety by the way…comment on my blog absolutely, do not comment on my mothering skills – now THAT is the part where the apology was required!! Do you perhaps think I say to my three year old, please son come and listen to mummy’s latest posting? or mummy’s just off to bed with the paddle now…I mean honestly! Do think dear), anyway, my life is a whole host of normal mixed in with wonderful, warm, sensual, sexy submission to my incredible NON actively dominant partner.
      Anyway, I do hope that this has explained a little more about this world, about me and put your very ‘concerned for a strangers’ mind to rest.
      God bless and keep reading 😉

      1. Daddy's Girl says:

        I know this is an old post. But I stumbled across it nonetheless. I will likely make a post on my own blog about this comment thread. Something I feel pretty passionate about.

        My child does not define me. I am a mother, yes, but I am not only a mother. I am Daddy’s Girl. I am an artist. I am an entrepreneur. Just because I pushed another human being out of my vagina does not mean that I am only a mother. I am an individual with my own thoughts feelings and emotions. There is nothing wrong with being a submissive. With consenting to give all of yourself to another. It’s actually quite empowering. I feel stronger than when I fought away the submissiveness. It’s not abuse if it’s consensual. I am intelligent and true to myself. It only takes a bit of common sense to know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to expose a child to. And the emotions that I’m exposing my child to are devotion, love, appreciation, caring, understanding, patience, determination, loyalty, trust, happiness, etc.

      2. damagedprincess says:

        That’s lovely Daddy’s Girl – I wholeheartedly agree. I had someone comment previously with a very closed view on my being a submissive and a parent as if they are seperate people and I am somehow exposing my child to the hard elements of D/s as opposed to appreciating the fact that his mum had been made by being able to be so at one and peaceful.

        I’m glad to hear from someone who is on the same page x

  4. June Doe says:

    Lovely blog. I stumbled upon a few of your entries and couldnt stop reading anymore. Sadly due weird technical issues I wasnt/am not able to sign up or like any posts so with this I wish to tell you how amazing you write. I have recently became a sub myself and started writing about it on my new blog and you give me tons of ideas and inspiration.
    Thank you. I admire you and your willpower immensely.

    1. damagedprincess says:

      Thank you – that is very lovely of you and I too enjoyed your writing during my visit there just now. I think it is important to get these ideas and thoughts out for both ourselves and others xx

  5. Ready Salted says:

    Love your honesty
    Loads to think about – I have found you early in my journey
    Will be in touch soon once I can process my thoughts,
    Thank you

  6. FrostedDesire says:

    I found your blog tonight, by chance. It is now 4am and I have read everything posted. I did have to take a few breaks 😉
    I have felt for a while now that there is a sub hidden inside me, longing to be released. Reading your blog only makes me believe this more. I am married and although my husband is adventurous..I’m not sure he can satisfy all of my needs. We have discussed including others….do you have an opinion on this?

    Not sure what to do…but I know I have an aching, burning desire that shouldn’t be left unattended.

  7. CitysNorth says:

    Hi, this may not be related to your blog, but I’ve recently been approached online by a “Dom” who also wants his mentor involved. The situation is beginning to seem off to me, brand flags keep popping up that I’m thinking it’s BS, but I’m not sure. This is new to me (I have been curious but not seeking a dom) so I don’t know how to navigate through it. Any advice?

  8. Danielle says:

    My Master lead me to your blog early this morning. Beautifully written. Expressive, heartfelt, thought provoking. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  9. forest says:

    I enjoy your blog. Relate to so much of it.
    My beautiful vulnerable dark place is the only part of me that isn’t broken. The only whole healthy part of me. I am thankful for my true submissive wonderful self.

  10. Tanya Bedi says:

    Hi, I am Tanya Bedi, from New Delhi, India.
    I am doing an article for my college project on a true BDSM couple because there are a lot of misconceptions in the society related to the sub culture. And I myself didn’t realize that I’d someday like to be a submissive until a while back because of lack of exposure.
    I was hoping I could use your platform to get in touch with a couple practicing a Dom/Sub relationship on a daily basis or if you could guide me to someone who I could talk to as my research!
    Thank you!

  11. Forest says:

    ” King to my King” so beautifully written and only could be in exsistance because of love. So much I can relate to in your words and experience. I am beyond happy that i have found not only Love but Master also. Now life has begun for me and I am growing in ways I never imagined and gone are fear and most of all the dreaded nothing. This is only the beginning and for once i hope for the future. This site is a place that helped me to accept myself and know that there is nothing wrong with me and the fact that I am born a beautiful true submisssive and it lives in my deepest essence of my sexuality and I know longer have shame upon waking to wonderful dreams i have of being Dominated. There is freedom in truth and self acceptance. Thank you for sharing what you could keep all to yourself. Wonderful day to you DamagedPrincess. Love and Light Forest

  12. Forest says:

    Just read your advice posted and i have always known that no matter what i am in charge of taking care of myself when it comes to being alone. Been that way most of my life and if not careful my inner sub can become desperate. I have made mistakes in trying to find that perfect fit. My first try was with a man who came back around after 30 years looking for me. i thought he could be the one to share my gift with. Sent him to this site and others and he was willing but, after a few times he became ashamed. Wow! did i learn a lesson. i was crushed but, i always promised myself to keep a part of myself for me and no one eles.That part i save is Warrior Woman and she is truely is my protector and my solice. For now she is standing down and allowing my Sir to control and guide. I can say that i will never allow myself to be destroyed by my own desires. Balance is key to this way of life and whatever may come I will always come out of any relationship whole and content with myself and the love i have shared and the gift of my submission will be mine to share with ,the Master of my choosing. I have always known that I am the gift. Life is so very wonderful now and i am in a place i have never been before. Last night i was sound asleep only to be woke up by Master looking into my eyes saying ” I want to be inside you” and i can’t even describe how my soul was flying. i am a very happy and whole person for first time in my life. It’s a good thing and I am going to take care of this like gold. He is my gold and so wise and compassionate. Have a wonderful day. Forest

    1. damagedprincess says:

      Aaa Forest – I love hearing this!! Thank you for sharing…and thank you for reading the blog.
      It means a great deal xx

      I’m so happy to hear you are feeling stronger for your sub and not weaker…I think she is one of the strongest elements of me…I adore her. She gives me the greatest highs and after going through what she felt after the relationship ended i know how strong she has been…yet she is still so gentle and loving. She is amazing…all our little inner subs are.
      We are blessed xxx

  13. forest says:

    You are so welcome and i am happy to share. You my dear one and your blog helped me to let go of all that toxic shame. Now I am proud of who and what i am. We must love ourselves first and be happy with ourselves even if alone and then when we find that person that is right for us then you share yourself and the happiness you should already have within yourself. It’s simple but humans seem to screw everything up. LOL! Have a wonderful day. Love and Light Forest

  14. Forest says:

    In the spirit of my last post about being happy with yourself and then finding someone I am choosing to move away from the present relationship. Warrior Woman is all up in arms and there is no turning from the truth. I must find he,him who has dominance running through his essence and knows it and is aware of his need to dominate. That his sexuality is driven by his desire to control and dominate and keep me safe and in line when need be. Mature and wise and loving. Most of all to talk with me about what i desire and need to feel whole and to explore my sexual limits and my hard ones too. Oh where can he be???????? Will I ever find him? I remain strong and happy even as of tomorrow I go back to doing what I do best stand alone. Just me,myself and subby. We will be just fine. We rock!!!! Stay strong fellow subs! I am! I am Warrior Woman! LOL!! No not on any drugs here! LOL Just happy at the thought of geting back to myself. Love and Light Forest

    1. damagedprincess says:

      Wonderful sentiments.

      Live in each moment without fear or concern of what is to come and before you know it the moment of meeting Him will have arrived 🙂


  15. Forest says:

    After much reflection and much needed commnication I am going to put more effort into the present relationship. I was given some very good advice and wisdom and agree that this type of top and bottom relationship takes even more work than what vanilla beans call “normal”. To walk away from certain love is a big mistake and I dislike regret so in the spirit of love and being positive I will be more patient and try to calm my very frustrated brat of a sub who wants what she wants 10 min. ago. Anything or anyone worth having is a responsibility on so many levels and I want to be the best at all levels. Most of all I want to share my gift in love only. So im thinking not a good idea to make any rash decisions. Controlling emotions is the most difficult thing for us all to excercise but,I will do better at controling mine. Stay Positive fellow subs! Love and Light Forest

    1. damagedprincess says:

      Ask Him to help you. Be totally honest with the process you have gone through here and ask him for support. If he loves you and you him then that honesty over what you felt and have been feeling could develop you both into new realms of understanding and allow him to teach you better to control that which you want training in. Good luck Forest

      Much love

      1. Forest says:

        Thank you dear one for your very valuable advice and wisdom. I was thinking how lucky the role players are that just play act. When this lives in you breathes in you and is part of your sexual make up there is no room for little play acting. This is something that has so many emotional and mental issues to deal with and care for for both parties that for myself it must be in the name of love. Beautiful day to you Princess! Forest

  16. forestmaiden1 says:

    Congrats on the new page. Excited for you and all of us subs who can come here and share and most of all learn. Interested in watching the journey of the new page.

  17. forestmaiden1 says:

    Wow! someone had a great turkey day as did myself. Placed and and made to wait handcuffed and on my knees and on a very soft mat and rug in the bathroom as He showered and got ready. My face pressed towards the wall, the rings in my nipples cold. All the while eyes closed flying through sub space and the wonderment and excitement of knowing what enjoyment is fixing to take place. So wonderful and beyond all my dreams. Just that one act of being made to wait taking in all the smells and sounds of Him getting ready to take me. Sigh. I am a happy submissive.. Love and Light to all! Forest

  18. dawnmp01 says:

    I love this site and all of your stories! They are beautiful in so many ways and this has helped me realize I am not alone in this world is submissive desire. I am also fiercely independent do to my life circumstance (i’m also a mother) but have always craved something else. These stories touch my soul and inspire me. Please keep up your writings, I’ve read them all, more than once. We are out here, even if we don’t comment.

    1. The True Submissive says:

      Thank you so much for this lovely message. I had a very profound experience last October which totally and utterly unexpectedly led me to become a Christian and this has led me to stop this writing as I have been filling my time just experiencing this new Me and this new life…but ironically the submission and total humbling of the self which needed to listen to and follow God 100% is beyond anything I experienced as a submissive to a human. It has been deeply life-changing, humbling, powerful and amazing and miraculous and just heart and eye opening…it’s hard to explain, but it’s been true magic…and I think I learnt how to submit to a man so I would know how to submit to God when that moment came… I am so glad my experiences have helped you in some way though. It was an amazing time in my life, and now I have constant and daily submission to God I don’t feel the need to submit to anyone else really, but isn’t submission just the most magical feeling in the world? 🙂 xxxxxx

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