The First Steps

We met by my local pub and started with a walk.  We were crossing the road when I went to drag Mr A back the other way before I felt a sharp tug and found myself staring into those intense eyes.   “Don’t pull me like that”, he commanded in a quiet voice before kissing my hand and leading me back the way I was trying to take him.  Something peaceful entered my body and I felt myself soften in a way I hadn’t felt before.  When we entered the pub, we found ourselves waiting for ten minutes for service and he spent that time holding me gentley around the waist and kissing my cheek and neck.  Considering this was our second date and my normal reaction to such attention from a near stranger would be discomfort and edging away, I felt surprisingly comfortable and at ease under his gaze and caresses.  We spent a happy evening drinking good wine, laughing, chatting, getting to know each other face to face as opposed to over text and generally developing our understanding of one another and our needs and desires as a natural submissive and Dominant.

You must rememeber that whilst my natural instinct is ‘sub’, but having never had a Dominant before, I was utterly untrained.  My learnt character as an Miss Independent meant I found it hard to always respond or act correctly with a true Dom, such as with my pulling him across the road earlier in the evening. A trained sub would know better.  Our next sub/Dom moment came when I had said something which displeased him.  He asked me to look at him (I swear those eyes have magic powers) while he quietly explained what I had done wrong before asking if I understood to which I instinctively replied, ‘Yes Sir’.   He continued to hold my face firmly but softly while looking in to my eyes…I felt the brutal determination I had trained myself to have of not to show any fear or weakness utterly diminish and I let myself go and uncoil in his gentle touch.  Then he kissed me for the first time and I fell further still.  I was hooked.

He gave me his coat as he walked me back to his car.  For someone who expects nothing from anyone, this gesture was touching and I found myself wondering if this one was a good guy?  Despite the fact that his penchant for spanking and goodness knows that else would scare, upset and hurt any vanilla woman, to me, this only made him better.

A gentleman spanker – how ideal.



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