The One with the Friends

We saw one another again the next night.  He took me to meet his friends infact.  Three days and meeting the friends…I couldn’t quite believe that any man wears his heart that firmly on his sleeve.  When they asked how long we had been seeing one another his perfectly straight answer of “Three days” made me laugh out loud with the ridiculousness of the situation.

A small part of me felt like I had known him forever.

That is until I made a joke about him and his friend and their inability to change a light bulb.  As usual, my own joke made me laugh, but one look at his eyes made me see the error in my ways. I love that look.  Sometimes now, I go out of my way to be The Brat just so I can watch his eyes change.  That was the first time I felt uncomfortable under that gaze though as his friends watched his face drop.  That was misdemeanor number one for The List which we collate as and when I make mistakes which I need training in, or punishing for.  

‘I must not mock my Dominant.’

For the rest of the evening he held me close, kissed me almost embarrassingly excessively in front of these two people I had never met, to the point I heard his friend say to his wife “Young love”.  I wouldn’t have gone that far, but what is a sub to say when her charming, handsome Dominant wants to kiss her?

It is not my place to say no.

I had to remember that but when the wife was trying to talk to me and he was demanding I look at him, I found it all a bit overwhelming as Miss Independent clashed with my blossoming sub tendencies.  Continue the conversation or look at the man whose eyes I never want to leave?  In this case, Miss Independent won out…Misdemeanor number two was added to the list.

‘I must not ignore my Dominant’. 

 We ended the night with a kiss and a promise of straightening out my growing list the next evening.  My heart raced as the taxi took me home as my mind built up ideas of how the next evening would go.  It felt like I was a virgin again…scared but excited at the prospect of my ‘First Time’.  Although I was determined I would not sleep with Mr A the next night, in my heart I knew that if he demanded it, I would.  I suppose that was when I realized I could place quiet challenges upon him too.  Despite my newness to the reality of this world, I understood that to be a good Dom, he must respect his sub, no matter what happens between them – she must always be his Princess.  I knew that if he expected me to sleep with me the next night, he was not the Dom I believed he could be.

I went to bed that night hoping for the right outcome.  I got it.


When fantasy becomes reality…

5 thoughts on “The One with the Friends

  1. The Flat Girl says:

    You sound very strong-willed… he will surely want to break you of that… but not of your spirit, girl. leorah is much the same way. she does not wish to be free, though. she adores her Master, and wants to serve him with every fiber of her being. But that struggle between free and owned is a thin line in the beginning.

    she wishes you the very best of luck on your journey… be a good girl and you will find it to be greatly rewarding.


      1. The Flat Girl says:

        You will be wonderful… just give him a chance to Dominate, to do what he does best, and you will shine. When you allow yourself to be your submissive best, and you hear those wonderful words, “good girl”…. you will be happy to do anything for him.

        she is so happy for you and hopes you have an incredible journey.


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