Why Does My Dominant Punish Me?


My assignment whilst he was away that weekend.


To be completed by reading it out to him 3 times, over his knee, in my school girl outfit; white cotton panties pulled up between my bottom cheeks, being spanked.



“Why Does My Dominant Punish me?

-My Dominant punishes me to help me be the best sub I can be to him.  He does it to train/re-train me, in a way which is correct, or, desirable to him.

-Punishment helps me to develop to the highest potential and to achieve my Dom’s high standards for me.

 The Benefits to me?

-Pleasing my Dominant means he will please me in return, so by learning through training and/or punishment we will both benefit.

-Through punishment and aftercare, I can learn to trust and respect my Dominant more and more and vice versa.

-My Dominant will give me experiences and pleasure I have not had before.

 Methods to be used?

-1 – Caning (or the least pleasurable method to the sub)

2- Withdrawal of Dominant and sub duties for a set period of time.

3 – Time out sessions – e.g tied and holding a coin to a wall with my nose.


What would happen without punishment?

-I would not learn best, how to please my Dominant and as a result no pleasure would be given to me.

-Without pleasure/punishment, no closeness or intimacy could develop correctly, and as such the bond and trust would not be there.

-The pleasure could not be experienced without the pain”


I see naivety and inexperience in those words now – but I keep it. 

It reminds me of how we, (and I), started out on this path. 


5 thoughts on “Why Does My Dominant Punish Me?

    1. damagedprincess says:

      Of course I will Mystical Kitty. It is purely because I WAS naive and inexperienced when I wrote it for him. I am further down the line on the journey now and see that I was basing my answers on stereotype as I didn’t yet fully understand the concept of submission or where Mr A and I were heading yet. We are further down the line now, both as a couple, as a sub/Dom partnership and on my own journey, and I can see things in this assignment I would have written differently or now understand more completely. There are just aspects I would change/ remove/ add. I don’t necessarily expect people to notice it in my words, but by rereading it, I noticed it as i understand myself and the situation more fully. *True Submissive*

  1. thymastersbitch says:

    Hi, It’s been a few months since I first read this and since you have written it. What would you say differently today? The basic premise is still so true, simple as it might be but perfect…

    1. damagedprincess says:

      Hello – it’s not that it is wrong or that I would change it – so much that I recall how I was feeling when I wrote it and was writing for a place of naivety. I didn’t necessarily know or understand what these things meant – I just knew they were the right thing to say to please him.x

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