Fantasy viii: Little Girl’s Punishment – My View

Fantasy viii: Little Girl’s Punishment – My View

Im good at taking punishments – i like to take them as silently as possible but the sting of each smack causes me to take sharp intakes of breath as the pain continues ceaselessly. As they relocated down my sensitive thighs tears began to sting my eyes, this time from physical onslaught and not just from the thought of causing my daddy to worry.

Just as i think i can take no more he moves back up to my backside and after the first few, the pain which moments before had been sharp and hard to bear without whimpering begins to radiate and become almost bearable. I have begun to fall into space. Each spank becomes a delicious warmth which makes my legs weaken. My breath quickens, but now from adrenalin mixed with excitement, not from pain…I know he doesn’t want me in subspace for this, he wants me hearing his words – but the pain is now pleasure.

The final smack is almost a shame…i am teetering on the edge of oblivion.  I hope he knows my lesson has been learnt – but its doubtful.  Though after that delightful onslaught my body will be good for next to nothing now.


Fantasy vii: Little Girl’s Punishment – Daddy’s View

Fantasy vii: Little Girl’s Punishment – Daddy’s View

Surveying her gorgeous pert bottom and creamy skin, upper thighs a little slicked with excitement…my immediate urge is to slide my fingers between them and cause her to convulse in pleasure…but I steel myself for now. My little girl has a lesson to learn. Dom will have his time with sub later, but right now it’s daddy and his little girl.
Tightening one arm well around her waist as she continues to complain and shift her body, I start to very sharply and firmly bring down crisp hard spanks on her round behind – right on the sweet spot which she loves to hate so much. The result is a beautiful bounce but it also causes the kicking to increase.
”Do you know what might have happened to you?! Young lady you know there is always a reason I ask you to do something, don’t you?”  SMACK SMACK  SMACK
”Owwww I’m sorry daddy I’m sorry!”. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK
”You could’ve been in serious serious danger miss. And what would I have been able to do?”  ”If” SMACK ”I” SMACK ”had” SMACK ”lost” SMACK ”you” SMACK.
Her gorgeous cheeks have turned from their normal creamy white to a heightened shade of red already. I hear her breathing erratic and ragged. She’s taken some real hard spankings before – she can take much more.
But it’s not the pain I want for her – the more pain she gets the more likely she is to slip into subspace and I want here 100% hearing the words I’m saying.
Thinking about never seeing daddy again or how he would feel getting a call from the police….it’s too awful.
”I’ve learned my lesson daddy. I promise.”
 ”Young lady, your promises were suspended when you lied.” ”SMACK ”repeatedly” SMACK ”to my face” SMACK SMACK SMACK.
 I Work my way down from her scorching cheeks to the tops of her thighs…her wails increase…..
Fantasy vi: Little Girl’s Berating

Fantasy vi: Little Girl’s Berating

Still sat with my back straight but wilting, my head bowed but slowly drooping further down and my legs like jelly beneath me – I am struck by how dog tired I am…from both the wine consumed and the proceeding walk home.  I hear the door click and surely open – at last!
As my little girl looks up at me I feel that all I want to do Is pick her up in my arms, sit her on my knee and tell her how pleased I am that she is home. Safe and sound. But this is necessary. This is a lesson. And this needs teaching to my little girl by someone who loves her. And no one loves his little girl more than daddy does.
I take her by the hand and then scoop her up to sit on my knee at the side of the bed. I have to keep her from putting her head to my chest and arms around my neck as normal. I need my baby to know that she’s still in a hell of a lot of trouble.
”So young lady… Explain yourself…”
Silence. Nothing. She cannot even look at me her shame at her lies is so great.  And I know it’s not just that she walked home. It’s that she has lied about it. And now she know what’s coming.
”My little one I’m very disappointed in you…”
I know the power of those words.   They hurt more than any paddling or caning could ever do. The lip starts to go and the eyes close tight starting tears rolling….
”What would I have done? If you were hurt? And what were you thinking lying to daddy like that? I’m the one person you can always count on and you must always always ALWAYS….” I suddenly stop and flip her over my knee. The sudden movement surprises her and her body convulses, making her kick out. Daddy always always warms her up, but this time the fingers go into the waistband and everything comes straight down….
Fantasy v: Little Girl’s Pre-Punishment Thoughts

Fantasy v: Little Girl’s Pre-Punishment Thoughts

With him gone the tears which had pooled in my eyes spill in a hot gush down my icy cheeks.  Shame at my lies burns them hotter still and embarassment at being caught makes me cry more.

I finally peel off the dress and leave it in a pool on the floor. Too tired and still tipsy to consider anything more useful to do with it. Naked now i slip into the hot water of the shower and wash away the chill.

The anxiety of what’s coming does not leave me though. Instead it builds in my stomach making my heart pound harder and harder until i am weak and the breath is being forced out of my throat.  I stay in the water as long as possible but all too soon i know my time is up. Being made to wait will only serve to infuriate him further and knowing how my bad behaviour will have affected him…i don’t want him any angrier.

I towel myself off and find my white cotton panties,the ones i know my daddy likes, and a white frilly pair of pajamas, just see through enough that he can make out the colour of my nipples through the top. Little, frilled shorts and strappy top in place i go to the end of the bed, kneel, bow my head and place my hands on my thighs – now warm and still perfectly smooth and soft.  Knowing he will be coming back any second makes my heart pound once again, with fear but also from the steady rising excitement at the pain and pleasure to come.  

Sometimes little girl just wants her daddy to be cross with her…


Fantasy iv: The Loved Little Girl – Deeper Still

Fantasy iv: The Loved Little Girl – Deeper Still

Seeing his jaw that I love so much tighten at my continued dishonesty,  I know he can see right through my lies.  I love my daddy and all I want right now is to have him take me in his arms and sit me on his knee with my head nuzzled into his chest…but not I can that that is not his next move. Certainly not tonight. I see his eyes close for the briefest second whilst he cool himself…as cool and collected as ever in the face of my obvious lies. 
”So young lady…”, he pulls me close, and my eyes drop to my feet, suddenly finding myself studying them with extreme attention to detail.  I feel his cool finger on my chin and it is tilted up – my eyes forced to meet his…
I feel sub take control as my eyes soften in the face of the man I fear and adore in equal measure.   My lip wobbles for the briefest second…but still. STILL. My lies pour forth. It’s gone too far to go back now…”Sir I didn’t walk home. I did as I was told.”  
He sighs and his spine stiffens.
”Young lady…I was up. I can never sleep when my little girl is out. I need to know she’s safe. So while I was by the window, I saw you wandering home in the rain…”. 
 ”Sir…Daddy I. I’m sorry.”  
”Little one, you know how much daddy cares for his baby girl. You know that. And curfews and rules are put in place for who’s safety….?”
”Mine daddy…” I whimper. 
 “Yours…you know you’ve been a naughty girl. And you know there will be a hard spanking this evening. But more concerning is that you know you’ve been caught lying to daddy…what will this make daddy think? Will he be disappointed? Will he love you less?”
Thoughts start to spread and tears start to well – I know he is only saying these words to punish me but the prospect of him loving me less cuts me like a knife. 
”Im so disappointed in you baby girl. You’ve been very naughty, and dishonest, and there will be consequences to pay. Now, go and shower and put your naughty little girl panties and pajama’s on. I’ll come and get you in a little while….”
Fantasy Part iii: The Loved Little Girl Gets In Deeper

Fantasy Part iii: The Loved Little Girl Gets In Deeper

My throat tight with anxiety and yes, fear, i stutter “I just got a taxi back with the girls” and start to remove my cold wet dress hoping the desire to touch my skin might distract his inner animal, or the site of me cold wet and shivering might awaken a gentler side of him…one which might forget to be angry and will instead warm me up in his powerful arms and strong chest.

Instead it leads him to say ‘Leave that on’.
“But I’m freezing Sir”…
“And why might that be if you got a taxi?”
Another lie emerges from my lips: “We were waiting outside for it for ages”.
“Really…where did you wait?”
“Near the top of town”
Thats three lies now…at least. Getting colder by the second, and not just from my dress but from the steely look which has been in his eyes since the moment he caught me in them like a rabbit in headlights.

“You wouldn’t lie to me would you little one? My little girl is a good girl…she’d never lie to her daddy would she.  Because she knows how much more a wet spanking hurts doesn’t she”.

With his point well and truly made, I become painfully aware of the soaking material clinging to my thighs and backside and murmur, ‘No Sir…i’d not lie”


Fantasy ii: “The Loved Little Girl”

Fantasy ii: “The Loved Little Girl”

The door clicks as I close it, gritting my teeth as I carefully twist the lock so it closes softly. Controlled breathing. It must be light. It must have been an hour or so since speaking to him.  I check my phone – in fact it was 2 hours – surely he’ll be asleep by now! 
I Tip toe, tip toe, softly down the hall. I am totally soaked. But feeling the 20 pound note, damp in pocket, as reassurance it was worth it. Another little charm for a bracelet.  A glass of wine or two. Who knows! But I still feel a small and naughty sense of victory. Though his words are still ringing in the back of my head:
”Now miss, that money I gave you was for one clear purpose. What is it?”
”To get a taxi home Sir.” 
“And why is my little girl going to get a taxi?” 
“Because its dangerous, dark and wet out’…and…um…”
Since I am still giving more focus on getting my hair right than listening to him from the doorway as he leans against the frame he starts to walks over to me and catches my attention by sliding my collar around my neck….”and…?.”  
”And I need to get back safely and soundly to Sir because I’m his Little Girl and he loves me very much.”  
”Yes little one. Your safety is priceless. We clear?”
‘Yes sir…please will you help me fasten my necklace now…the girls are waiting.”
Yes he cares. So much. But he is so so cautious with me. So I’m a little wet and happened to walk home alone…nothing bad happened did it?! AND I’m 20 pounds better off. He’ll never find out…
….Little Girl creeps into the kitchen. I take a long drawn out drink of juice from the carton and creep into the bedroom…sliding open the door to get my soaking clothes off…my stomach tightens, knees give a little and breath is stolen as I am greeted by a figure I know and adore, but in this moment fear, sitting comfortably in his leather wingback chair at the back of the darkened bedroom….
“Well young lady…something to tell me….?”
To Be Continued