Fantasy iv: The Loved Little Girl – Deeper Still

Seeing his jaw that I love so much tighten at my continued dishonesty,  I know he can see right through my lies.  I love my daddy and all I want right now is to have him take me in his arms and sit me on his knee with my head nuzzled into his chest…but not I can that that is not his next move. Certainly not tonight. I see his eyes close for the briefest second whilst he cool himself…as cool and collected as ever in the face of my obvious lies. 
”So young lady…”, he pulls me close, and my eyes drop to my feet, suddenly finding myself studying them with extreme attention to detail.  I feel his cool finger on my chin and it is tilted up – my eyes forced to meet his…
I feel sub take control as my eyes soften in the face of the man I fear and adore in equal measure.   My lip wobbles for the briefest second…but still. STILL. My lies pour forth. It’s gone too far to go back now…”Sir I didn’t walk home. I did as I was told.”  
He sighs and his spine stiffens.
”Young lady…I was up. I can never sleep when my little girl is out. I need to know she’s safe. So while I was by the window, I saw you wandering home in the rain…”. 
 ”Sir…Daddy I. I’m sorry.”  
”Little one, you know how much daddy cares for his baby girl. You know that. And curfews and rules are put in place for who’s safety….?”
”Mine daddy…” I whimper. 
 “Yours…you know you’ve been a naughty girl. And you know there will be a hard spanking this evening. But more concerning is that you know you’ve been caught lying to daddy…what will this make daddy think? Will he be disappointed? Will he love you less?”
Thoughts start to spread and tears start to well – I know he is only saying these words to punish me but the prospect of him loving me less cuts me like a knife. 
”Im so disappointed in you baby girl. You’ve been very naughty, and dishonest, and there will be consequences to pay. Now, go and shower and put your naughty little girl panties and pajama’s on. I’ll come and get you in a little while….”

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