Fantasy Part iii: The Loved Little Girl Gets In Deeper

My throat tight with anxiety and yes, fear, i stutter “I just got a taxi back with the girls” and start to remove my cold wet dress hoping the desire to touch my skin might distract his inner animal, or the site of me cold wet and shivering might awaken a gentler side of him…one which might forget to be angry and will instead warm me up in his powerful arms and strong chest.

Instead it leads him to say ‘Leave that on’.
“But I’m freezing Sir”…
“And why might that be if you got a taxi?”
Another lie emerges from my lips: “We were waiting outside for it for ages”.
“Really…where did you wait?”
“Near the top of town”
Thats three lies now…at least. Getting colder by the second, and not just from my dress but from the steely look which has been in his eyes since the moment he caught me in them like a rabbit in headlights.

“You wouldn’t lie to me would you little one? My little girl is a good girl…she’d never lie to her daddy would she.  Because she knows how much more a wet spanking hurts doesn’t she”.

With his point well and truly made, I become painfully aware of the soaking material clinging to my thighs and backside and murmur, ‘No Sir…i’d not lie”


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