Fantasy vi: Little Girl’s Berating

Still sat with my back straight but wilting, my head bowed but slowly drooping further down and my legs like jelly beneath me – I am struck by how dog tired I am…from both the wine consumed and the proceeding walk home.  I hear the door click and surely open – at last!
As my little girl looks up at me I feel that all I want to do Is pick her up in my arms, sit her on my knee and tell her how pleased I am that she is home. Safe and sound. But this is necessary. This is a lesson. And this needs teaching to my little girl by someone who loves her. And no one loves his little girl more than daddy does.
I take her by the hand and then scoop her up to sit on my knee at the side of the bed. I have to keep her from putting her head to my chest and arms around my neck as normal. I need my baby to know that she’s still in a hell of a lot of trouble.
”So young lady… Explain yourself…”
Silence. Nothing. She cannot even look at me her shame at her lies is so great.  And I know it’s not just that she walked home. It’s that she has lied about it. And now she know what’s coming.
”My little one I’m very disappointed in you…”
I know the power of those words.   They hurt more than any paddling or caning could ever do. The lip starts to go and the eyes close tight starting tears rolling….
”What would I have done? If you were hurt? And what were you thinking lying to daddy like that? I’m the one person you can always count on and you must always always ALWAYS….” I suddenly stop and flip her over my knee. The sudden movement surprises her and her body convulses, making her kick out. Daddy always always warms her up, but this time the fingers go into the waistband and everything comes straight down….

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