Fantasy v: Little Girl’s Pre-Punishment Thoughts

With him gone the tears which had pooled in my eyes spill in a hot gush down my icy cheeks.  Shame at my lies burns them hotter still and embarassment at being caught makes me cry more.

I finally peel off the dress and leave it in a pool on the floor. Too tired and still tipsy to consider anything more useful to do with it. Naked now i slip into the hot water of the shower and wash away the chill.

The anxiety of what’s coming does not leave me though. Instead it builds in my stomach making my heart pound harder and harder until i am weak and the breath is being forced out of my throat.  I stay in the water as long as possible but all too soon i know my time is up. Being made to wait will only serve to infuriate him further and knowing how my bad behaviour will have affected him…i don’t want him any angrier.

I towel myself off and find my white cotton panties,the ones i know my daddy likes, and a white frilly pair of pajamas, just see through enough that he can make out the colour of my nipples through the top. Little, frilled shorts and strappy top in place i go to the end of the bed, kneel, bow my head and place my hands on my thighs – now warm and still perfectly smooth and soft.  Knowing he will be coming back any second makes my heart pound once again, with fear but also from the steady rising excitement at the pain and pleasure to come.  

Sometimes little girl just wants her daddy to be cross with her…


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