Fantasy vii: Little Girl’s Punishment – Daddy’s View

Surveying her gorgeous pert bottom and creamy skin, upper thighs a little slicked with excitement…my immediate urge is to slide my fingers between them and cause her to convulse in pleasure…but I steel myself for now. My little girl has a lesson to learn. Dom will have his time with sub later, but right now it’s daddy and his little girl.
Tightening one arm well around her waist as she continues to complain and shift her body, I start to very sharply and firmly bring down crisp hard spanks on her round behind – right on the sweet spot which she loves to hate so much. The result is a beautiful bounce but it also causes the kicking to increase.
”Do you know what might have happened to you?! Young lady you know there is always a reason I ask you to do something, don’t you?”  SMACK SMACK  SMACK
”Owwww I’m sorry daddy I’m sorry!”. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK
”You could’ve been in serious serious danger miss. And what would I have been able to do?”  ”If” SMACK ”I” SMACK ”had” SMACK ”lost” SMACK ”you” SMACK.
Her gorgeous cheeks have turned from their normal creamy white to a heightened shade of red already. I hear her breathing erratic and ragged. She’s taken some real hard spankings before – she can take much more.
But it’s not the pain I want for her – the more pain she gets the more likely she is to slip into subspace and I want here 100% hearing the words I’m saying.
Thinking about never seeing daddy again or how he would feel getting a call from the police….it’s too awful.
”I’ve learned my lesson daddy. I promise.”
 ”Young lady, your promises were suspended when you lied.” ”SMACK ”repeatedly” SMACK ”to my face” SMACK SMACK SMACK.
 I Work my way down from her scorching cheeks to the tops of her thighs…her wails increase…..

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