Fantasy viii: Little Girl’s Punishment – My View

Im good at taking punishments – i like to take them as silently as possible but the sting of each smack causes me to take sharp intakes of breath as the pain continues ceaselessly. As they relocated down my sensitive thighs tears began to sting my eyes, this time from physical onslaught and not just from the thought of causing my daddy to worry.

Just as i think i can take no more he moves back up to my backside and after the first few, the pain which moments before had been sharp and hard to bear without whimpering begins to radiate and become almost bearable. I have begun to fall into space. Each spank becomes a delicious warmth which makes my legs weaken. My breath quickens, but now from adrenalin mixed with excitement, not from pain…I know he doesn’t want me in subspace for this, he wants me hearing his words – but the pain is now pleasure.

The final smack is almost a shame…i am teetering on the edge of oblivion.  I hope he knows my lesson has been learnt – but its doubtful.  Though after that delightful onslaught my body will be good for next to nothing now.


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