Fantasy 11: The Finale

I feel him move away from me and i suddenly feel desolate – lost – my need for him now is so great that even his hands being away from me for a second brings over waves of grief.  The intensity and shock of this raw emotion and the delicious sense  of vulnerability i feel in my gagged and bound state bring a short bout of tears.  Who knows where these come from in these moments but the release of them as ever is a beautiful feeling and one which i treasure.  In a world where showing feelings beyond nice British stiff upper lip is viewed as temperamental – dangerous even – this quiet space where I can come to with him, where I can cry and smile and feel safe whilst bound to within an inch of my life is my safe haven.

His absence is only for a minute and he returns with one of my favourite toys – my butt plug.  I am in luck tonight – the thought that I need to disobey him a little more springs to mind, but I quickly push it down.  It’s true though that tonight has seen me taken from scared, cold and wet Little Girl, after which the need to curl up on him like Pet came bounding forward but instead I was gifted with the sensations of the hand and cane for sub, and now I am lost as to which headspace I am in…but touching on so many in one session has brought me entirely to my knees mentally and emotionally.

 I am utterly adrift, completely His and ready for more, more, more.

I feel oil dribble once again over my still warm and slightly less welted backside and revel in the sensation of his strong hands massaging it in, calming down my skin.  Aftercare is my favourite.  But this isn’t any old aftercare, he is still in full Dominant mode and I am not surprised when I feel his thumbs slip between my cheeks to my favourite place.  He rubs and strokes and teases me there before sliding a thumb in deep – my moan is entirely animal.  My body had clearly been waiting for something more all night and it’s thrilled to receive what it is was so craving – I give myself over entirely – even my vocal chords are apparently no longer my own and my body has desires which my head hadn’t even caught up with yet.

But He knew…

I feel his hands grab my waist and pull me up on to my knees, butt now thrust out, all pale skin streaked with hot red lashes.  He knows i love and hate to see myself like this so when I hear the camera click I feel a little thrill.  “Hold your ass cheeks apart” is the command I receive next, his lips burning against my plugged ears.  My hands, bound behind my back, respond immediately.  I stoke them down across the raised skin and shiver a little, thrilled with the results – I love to feel my skin post punishment, even if in this case I cannot see it.

I feel his cock, hard, warm and mine, against my backside…i feel my butt plug pushing against me and sliding centimetre by centimetre inside me in a delicious all-encompassing thrill until it can go no further…I feel his fingers travel round my right hip and reach my pussy which is by this point desperate for attention…I feel his other hand flatten out on my lower back and travel up my spine to the base of my neck where a handful of my hair is taken gently but firmly…then his fingers enter me, hitting my g-spot first time and I cry out in a sudden, and sharp agony of blissful pleasure.  He tightens his grip on my hair, holding my head in place just how he knows I like it, as his fingers work over my g spot again and again, my body shivers and shakes and my  breathing becomes ragged as the pleasure starts building.

“Right there” I vaguely hear him murmur by my ear – his body pressed against my back. his cock pushing against me, “That’s where my little one likes it isn’t it”…these words send me spiralling and I feel my body wracked with orgasm…my head spins with the release, my body writhes against him, my moans, stilted by the gag are as loud as they have ever been unbelievably, at least to my plugged ears.  The sounds I make are echoing in my brain taking me into a world where only these sensations and sounds exist.  All too soon, it begins to ebb, but his fingers are persistent and removing his hand, he replaces it from behind with his thumb this time – again right on the g spot and soon my body is taking another orgasmic beating…I am all sensations and electricity and life and rhythm – I let my body go and it soars under his caresses.  My hair still in place in his grip, I fight against it and he holds me tighter still.  One final rush of pleasure and I am depleted.

I try to collapse, but feel his hands grab my hips, holding my ass in place.

I know what is coming next, I feel my butt plug being removed and being replaced with the head of his cock.  This is my favourite – he starts to slide into my now nicely warmed up ass.  I feel my body tense, just for a second, before his hand reaches up for my hair and brings my head back sharply.  The shock of it in my gagged, bound and ear plugged little existence meant that my muscles relax as the ones in my neck come into play and he slides right up and in in one go.  He holds my head in place with one hand and my hips in place with the other.  I am still some how remembering to hold my ass cheeks apart as he begins to travel back out before pushing deep into me again making my breath sharp with a mixture of pleasure and pain.  As his pace quickens, the pain dissipates almost instantly and I am left with thundering pleasure and yet again a world filled only with sensation.  The feeling of his hand holding my hair whilst the other tightens its grip on my waist, pulling and pushing me back and forth against his cock as he pleases, the feeling of being out of control behind my blindfold…the feeling that I can let go and just let it happen adds to my submissive enjoyment, although certainly in these occasions Little Slut is well and truly involved and just tries to cry out for more.

As his orgasm nears my mind explodes with colours, behind my blindfold, I am lost in a swirling sea of everything and nothing.  Just him and me, the pleasure, the repetition of the fucking, the slight burn as the welts on my skin pull and release, my hands struggling to stay put on my cheeks…as he comes I feel my ass struggling to take the extra size of him pre-orgasm but the slight pressure only tips me over and I fall too.

I feel my head drawn back in his grip, I claw at my backside, the pain emanating from the cane marks only adding more intensity to it all and then I feel him relax.  My hair is released, and his hand moves back down my spine – he knows I am still coming and he continues his now slowed rhythm until I collapse too.

Depleted and utterly satisfied on every level possible…Little Girl may well walk home on her own again some time.  


Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 14.11.48

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