Our Final Hour. For You.

I’ll always remember I’ll never forget
All I have learned from You, and yet

After You helped me to flourish until
I no longer needed but wanted You still,
You let me go free to walk tall on my own
To be all that I am and get by all alone.

But although our ways parted – our time had a limit
My life would be darker had You not been in it.

We were granted a precious gift weren’t we you see,
I was made to change You and You to change me

Your influence on me – life changing and pure,
But what You’ve got from me, I’m far less sure…

Where once You were strong and steadfast in Your thoughts, Your actions, Your mindset and all that You taught

Now You flounder inside and it kills me to see, that You are left less than what You should be.

To me You’re amazing, so honest and true, but I feel I have broken what once was my You

My love pried You open and left your heart bare, now you’re vulnerable to life without me there to care.

I worried that now with no future for us
Our contact was making it harder to trust
That what we had was real – was it? Or a game? A fantasy life with me there to tame

And You there to master and show me Your power
‘Til our set time was up – our sad final hour.

For unknown to me you had plans beyond us

And that broke my heart and my spirit was crushed


Though it jars me to say it – my instincts are flared and it stabs at my heart and my sub is left scared,
I know what is real now – what I need to do
And that, my sweet Sir, is move on…without you.

Thank you.
Yours Forever.
sub – brat – princess – pet – slave…all of us.

And me  x


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