My Heartfelt Apologies…

….for my absence.  What a bad girl I am!

Life had been shooting by and writing has fallen by the wayside, but not for long.

The Stranger needs an ending, my filthy thoughts need to be brought to life and my unrequited submissive tendencies need an outlet, so new material is not far behind.

I am currently building and fine tuning my blog into a book, The Life & Fantasies Of A Submissive which I am so excited about.  In the mean time, if you wish to know more about me, want to discover my new blogs before anyone else or else you just love beautiful submissive images as much as I do then I have created a new Facebook page Life & Fantasies Of A Submissive to house all of these things and so much more. Join me.

Or else, come chat with me on Twitter @truesub.

For the submissives: I give great advice, can be a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen.

For the Dom’s? I may even write some lines for you!  😉

Thank you so much for following the True Diary of A Submissive. It’s a pleasure to have you on board.

Say Hi in the comment below….I would love to have a chat

TrueSub x


2 thoughts on “My Heartfelt Apologies…

  1. Brian stafford says:

    Help! My wife is a true submissive and I have no idea how to communicate with her. She is most happy when I tell her EVERYTHING that needs to be done. I mean REALLY content. I am the least dominant person you will ever meet. Any recommendations you could give in the way of literature or websites would be a Godsend. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

    1. Blogs By Me 2016 says:

      It’s tricky Brian. Is this a new thing for her? I’m assuming it is if she is with a non Alpha male (technical term and not an insult fyi). Have a think of the things you would like her to do for you….see this is as a God send 😉 she’ll have your dinner on the table for 7pm every night and your shirts ironed without complaint. If you see it like that that’s rather nice for you coming from a non dominant point of view. You can’t fake Dominance…just write her a weekly list of things you expect with timings of when you want it done by…e.g 1 Dinner on the table at 7. 2 A bath first thing in the morning before work and a warm dry towel folded ready for you after. 3 Any chores you expect doing around the house to be completed (upon your satisfied inspection) by Friday evening. This could be changed each week or kept the same and things added or removed as and when you have something else which need doing/something no longer needs doing etc

      As a Dominant, you don’t have to be physically punishing her. It doesn’t sound like she is too worried about that. So simply put in light punishments if things are not completed…such as she may not contact you at all during the day for 3 days, or she may not be held by you that evening, she may not drink for a week, she must redo the task every single day for a week etc…

      Being a Dominant can and should be a very nurturing role…I feel you would find it suits you more than you currently realise, perhaps based on the blogs you have read of violence and aggressive alpha dominance. Your role, if you choose to take it, is to simply encourage her to be the best wife YOU could ever desire…not to take her over your knee and spank her silly every night (although she may enjoy that…and you may too 😉

      just take it a step at a time. This website may help you:

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