What Do You Want little one?

“What do you want little girl?” he asked of me.

You Sir.  All of You – I want to lose myself in You and with You.

I want my senses to be tied up, my mind to give up and my body to be Your play thing, to do with as You see fit.

I want to be the slave who takes away all Your pain and the slut from whom You take the greatest, dirtiest, darkest pleasures.

I want to be the little You can take the most precious care over and the brat You can’t help but want to tame.

But most of all Sir…I want to kneel at Your feet and be the submissive You have always dreamed of owning – the one possession You are the most proud of – the one other being on this whole earth whom You know you can trust with Your life; to support You and love You and take everything You have to give, be it agony or ecstasy.

I want You Sir.

You are my everything.

“Oh little, you really are the sweetest thing. But I meant: do you want tea or coffee?”


7 thoughts on “What Do You Want little one?

  1. Ash and Alder says:

    Oh I love this! The timing is perfect; I just read this as Sir had a break to get coffee right in the middle of our Saturday morning sexy playtime!
    All tangled up in each other, then he’s asking me what I want on my toast!


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