My Sweet Little Girl

“I expected more” he said to me as I dropped down to my knees

I hung my head the shame ripped through and I stared down at the floor.

“I’m sorry” I whispered but barely heard, I looked up my eyes implored

But his eyes stayed hard his posture straight I knew what was in store.

“You’ll remain here for an hour, right there where you are, don’t move, or talk, even sigh”

“When the time is up i’ll return and from there we will discuss your little lie.”

He left me then and my eyes filled up, I was sad but knew it was deserved

I should have paid attention, done what was right, been a good girl: sweet and reserved.

The time dragged on the world slowed down though my heart picked up its pace

My breath came fast, my mind raced on as I sunk into my submissive’s space.

Finally I heard the latch lift up, felt his presence enter into the room

I felt so small, so bad and so ashamed, and sunk further into my gloom.

The ball gag pushed against my now dry lips; I opened up wide as I was trained.

Tightened up hard, the cuffs followed next & i knew I was in for some pain.

The paddle, oh no, I hate that thing, it marks and burns and welts

But his hand’s on my head as he leads me to bed and the fear inside me melts.

I’m his little, I’ve been bad, but I know it’s ok, he’ll punish with only what’s fair

I’ll take the pain, and be good again, he’s just showing me how much he cares.

So I lie there as pain rains down on my skin, I cry and I beg for no more

But he continues on teaching the lesson I need, I’m feeling so painful, so sore.

Then the tirade of fire ceases it’s angry attack and his hands begin to assuage

The burning I’m feeling, my poor reddened skin has flared into a terrible rage.

The cool of the oil, the touch of his hands, the soothing words into my ear

The worst is now over, the love can pour back no more worry, or upset or fear.

My heart now feels open, my guilt feels released, I am freed and my body unfurls

“Well done my sub, your lesson is done, now come here my sweet little girl.”

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3 thoughts on “My Sweet Little Girl

  1. Philip says:

    Hi! I’m a Dom, but I read your poem. It’s incredibly beautiful. I showed it to my sub and she thought so too.

    Your story was like music to our hearts. Thank you!

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