I hope everyone is doing well and that you are all bound and collared beautifully to the perfect Domiant, Domme, Master, Mistress or Sir.

I know, after much heart and soul searching that I am exactly where I should be with my beautiful handsome alpha as I end 2015 and get wed at the start of 2016 – to a man who pushes my buttons and drives me mad – but who puts me in my place when needed and makes me feel more secure and safe than I have ever felt in my life…

Happy Christmas my beautiful subs – you know where I am if you need me xxx

5 thoughts on “Bound 

  1. lori (kittkat71@kik) says:

    If that is your pic then your Master does beautiful rope work and im jealous…lol. Happy new year and congrats on the marriage

  2. forestmaiden1 says:

    Happy for you and wondering why cant i have that. Into a second relationship that is not what i was looking for. Now how to get out. I fell trapped. Men are strange. Healthy minds are hard to find. Giving up on it all over here. Going to put my beautiful submissive self to bed. She is never going to be held in any regaurd except by myself. back to binding and gagging myself and pleasing myself. oh well such is life.

    1. damagedprincess says:

      Forest – there is always love and hope swirling around each and every one of us for the taking…never give up!! Each day say to yourself “Wouldn’t it be nice if my perfect Dominant came in to my life today to love me as I love him”… gentle encouragement in this way will stop the flow of resistance to what is possible and on offer for you and everyone of us if we open out hearts and minds xx
      Much love x

  3. forestmaiden1 says:

    Hope and love is for those who have everything going their way. That is reality. i always have myself. Men are just weird and selfish. I want to be alone now. So playing taps for her is all i can do now. R.I.P. beautiful submissive that was never known.

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