He Knows When It’s Time



The blush of desire kissed my lips.  His eyes made my body fall weak at his knees; there was no surrender from this war which he plagued me with.  A war on my heart, which made me regret nothing and want everything.

He knew with me, there were no boundaries. There was no hard limit.  I trusted that he would always play as close to my edges as he could, but he would never go beyond that which he knew I needed, wanted or desired.

He knew I would allow him total access to my body; it was his to do with as he saw fit.

This thought made my body buckle anytime day or night, whether I was with or without him.  The idea, the memory, the thought of what he was capable of bringing out in me made me feel unsteady and blissful…

…and in this moment, knelt here at his feet; naked and vulnerable, brazen and shameless, knees apart, buttocks sat back on my heels, holding his ankles and looking up into his eyes, I allowed memories of all of our times together to meld into one powerful, all-consuming sensation which travelled from the base of my stomach like excitement and anticipation wrapped into one, and up into the centre of my chest where it exploded like fireworks, making my heartbeat heavy and my breath quicken.

He saw this shift in me, his eyes darkened…he knew it was time.

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