Submission For The Rich And Famous

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The shackles at my wrists held me tight to the wall behind me.

The look in his eyes held me tight in the moment.

My legs trembled at the knees as he paced toward me fast, tie in hands.

The last thing I saw before the tie covered my eyes was the skin of his broad shoulders as he wrapped the piece of beautifully soft fabric around my head and fastened it tightly.

Trailing the back of his fingers down my right cheek, down my neck, over my collarbone, the gentlest of touches like a feather tickling my skin and making all the hairs on my head prickle as electricity zigzagged through me, making my stomach leap, my heart pound, my eyelashes behind the blindfold flutter as best they could.

My lips parted and my breath escaped quickly through my teeth.  I felt my natural juices begin to flow as I became ever more turned on.

His fingers continued their journey, from collarbone, to between my breasts, over the curve of my stomach and now, they trailed over to my right hip and stopped there just for a moment before he gave my behind one short, sharp, unexpected spank which made my eyes water and my legs give way for a brief second.  He caught me before I collapsed and he me upright until I gathered my strength back – so lost in a haze of his seduction, was I.

He gripped my waist with his right hand and brought his left hand between my legs, gently pushing my inner thighs, left them right, so as to inform me silently that he desired them a little further apart.

Giving him what he wanted, I spread them another foot, brazenly opened myself up for his pleasure.

His fingers began their slow massage of my most secret space…first, he delighted in my wetness and spread it to cover my clit, rubbing gentle circles over and over until my breath was hard and fast and my head felt so heavy I was able to do nothing but rest my forehead heavily upon his shoulder as he continued his play.

Suddenly delving his fingers deep within me, first one, then two, I cried out in pleasure and delight.  He pushed them into and out of me several times, each time hitting a little deeper inside and ensuring he rubbed over my g-spot each and every time he did entered me.

With his other hand, he let go of my waist now, and began a slow and heavy torment upon my right hand ass cheek, still pushing, now three fingers, into my hot and incredibly wet pussy.  The pain mixed with pleasure became all consuming.  With no sight, muffled hearing from the tie wrapped tightly around my head and with my hands out of action too, I was his and there was nothing I could do about it.

Without warning, the spanking stopped and his fingers began to follow along the line of my ass.  Completely soaking wet now, he easily managed to push two fingers into my ass.  I let out a deep primal moan at this intense pleasure/pain…two fingers is just a little too much without warming up but he knew me.  He knew the pain was needed.

And he was right.  With his left fingers still working over my g-spot and his thumb circling my clit, the pressure in my ass was enough to tip me over.

My knees completely buckled, I strained at my cuffs and felt pain shooting through my wrists against the mental bondage. It only added to my orgasm, and I pulled harder.  My breasts pushed out for his mouth which he gladly obliged me with, biting and clamping his teeth hard down upon them.  My outcry was trembling yet powerful…before my mouth dropped open in a silent scream and the electricity I has been feeling build up within my body exploded into every cell of my being. Lights flashed behind my hidden eyes, I felt my liquid shoot out of me and no doubt cover his hand.

Too much and not enough.

It was over too soon…his orgasms were exquisite and I could live in that state forever.

As I caught my long lost breath, I felt him removed his fingers and place them one by one in my mouth for cleaning. I sucked hungrily and thanked him after each.

Removing the blindfold, I saw his broad shoulders once again, and then looked up beyond them at the many well-known faces which surrounded us, each pair of eyes hazy and shining with lust and sex.  Some people were touching themselves at our display, their lips full and cheeks flushed…others I could see were barely managing to keep themselves from coming.

He unhooked me from the wall and we walked out the room, me two steps behind him, head bent down, allowing the watchers to commence their own grand finales.

We would be back next week to play together again under the watchful eyes of the fetish worlds’ most rich and famous voyeurs.

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