I Am Gone

My toes curl as his hands slip lower still

From my lips, down my neck, between my breasts, over the gentle curve of my soft stomach, down to where I drip warm honey for him.

He smothers his fingers with my juices, rubbing his thumb over my eager clitoris, once or twice to bring a new flood thundering.

My breath hums out of my tight chest. The rapid movement of my ribcage as it struggles to lift my leaden lungs.  My breasts, desire streaked with sweat, almost vibrating at the prospect of his mouth upon their nipples, his fingers gripping them hard, pinching them to bruise.

Speaking of his fingers, he brings them back up to my lips now and pushes all four of them deep into my mouth to suck, lick and desperately give pleasure to him in any way I can with my tongue.  I taste myself on him and feel another wave of deeply held liquid begin to trail downwards, this time breaking free of me completely and dripping down my inner thigh.

I moan and feel his fingers push back further still, hitting the back of my throat.  He holds them there, just willing my gag reflex to spark to life, but closing my eyes and taking a breath, I control myself.  When my eyes open again, his face is inches from mine, my lips still stretched painfully wide from his large hand.

A slight and unexpected flick of his middle finger catches me off guard, and I wretch.  Just once, quietly, and my eyes begin to water hard.  With tears streaming down my face, to match the wetness streaming down my thighs, my head falls back to the wall behind me as I totally and instinctively give myself over to his needs and wishes.

He sees the moment when I shift fully from his Sub into his little Slut.

I am gone.


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