Submission For The Rich And Famous

Submission For The Rich And Famous

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The shackles at my wrists held me tight to the wall behind me.

The look in his eyes held me tight in the moment.

My legs trembled at the knees as he paced toward me fast, tie in hands.

The last thing I saw before the tie covered my eyes was the skin of his broad shoulders as he wrapped the piece of beautifully soft fabric around my head and fastened it tightly.

Trailing the back of his fingers down my right cheek, down my neck, over my collarbone, the gentlest of touches like a feather tickling my skin and making all the hairs on my head prickle as electricity zigzagged through me, making my stomach leap, my heart pound, my eyelashes behind the blindfold flutter as best they could.

My lips parted and my breath escaped quickly through my teeth.  I felt my natural juices begin to flow as I became ever more turned on.

His fingers continued their journey, from collarbone, to between my breasts, over the curve of my stomach and now, they trailed over to my right hip and stopped there just for a moment before he gave my behind one short, sharp, unexpected spank which made my eyes water and my legs give way for a brief second.  He caught me before I collapsed and he me upright until I gathered my strength back – so lost in a haze of his seduction, was I.

He gripped my waist with his right hand and brought his left hand between my legs, gently pushing my inner thighs, left them right, so as to inform me silently that he desired them a little further apart.

Giving him what he wanted, I spread them another foot, brazenly opened myself up for his pleasure.

His fingers began their slow massage of my most secret space…first, he delighted in my wetness and spread it to cover my clit, rubbing gentle circles over and over until my breath was hard and fast and my head felt so heavy I was able to do nothing but rest my forehead heavily upon his shoulder as he continued his play.

Suddenly delving his fingers deep within me, first one, then two, I cried out in pleasure and delight.  He pushed them into and out of me several times, each time hitting a little deeper inside and ensuring he rubbed over my g-spot each and every time he did entered me.

With his other hand, he let go of my waist now, and began a slow and heavy torment upon my right hand ass cheek, still pushing, now three fingers, into my hot and incredibly wet pussy.  The pain mixed with pleasure became all consuming.  With no sight, muffled hearing from the tie wrapped tightly around my head and with my hands out of action too, I was his and there was nothing I could do about it.

Without warning, the spanking stopped and his fingers began to follow along the line of my ass.  Completely soaking wet now, he easily managed to push two fingers into my ass.  I let out a deep primal moan at this intense pleasure/pain…two fingers is just a little too much without warming up but he knew me.  He knew the pain was needed.

And he was right.  With his left fingers still working over my g-spot and his thumb circling my clit, the pressure in my ass was enough to tip me over.

My knees completely buckled, I strained at my cuffs and felt pain shooting through my wrists against the mental bondage. It only added to my orgasm, and I pulled harder.  My breasts pushed out for his mouth which he gladly obliged me with, biting and clamping his teeth hard down upon them.  My outcry was trembling yet powerful…before my mouth dropped open in a silent scream and the electricity I has been feeling build up within my body exploded into every cell of my being. Lights flashed behind my hidden eyes, I felt my liquid shoot out of me and no doubt cover his hand.

Too much and not enough.

It was over too soon…his orgasms were exquisite and I could live in that state forever.

As I caught my long lost breath, I felt him removed his fingers and place them one by one in my mouth for cleaning. I sucked hungrily and thanked him after each.

Removing the blindfold, I saw his broad shoulders once again, and then looked up beyond them at the many well-known faces which surrounded us, each pair of eyes hazy and shining with lust and sex.  Some people were touching themselves at our display, their lips full and cheeks flushed…others I could see were barely managing to keep themselves from coming.

He unhooked me from the wall and we walked out the room, me two steps behind him, head bent down, allowing the watchers to commence their own grand finales.

We would be back next week to play together again under the watchful eyes of the fetish worlds’ most rich and famous voyeurs.

He Knows When It’s Time

He Knows When It’s Time



The blush of desire kissed my lips.  His eyes made my body fall weak at his knees; there was no surrender from this war which he plagued me with.  A war on my heart, which made me regret nothing and want everything.

He knew with me, there were no boundaries. There was no hard limit.  I trusted that he would always play as close to my edges as he could, but he would never go beyond that which he knew I needed, wanted or desired.

He knew I would allow him total access to my body; it was his to do with as he saw fit.

This thought made my body buckle anytime day or night, whether I was with or without him.  The idea, the memory, the thought of what he was capable of bringing out in me made me feel unsteady and blissful…

…and in this moment, knelt here at his feet; naked and vulnerable, brazen and shameless, knees apart, buttocks sat back on my heels, holding his ankles and looking up into his eyes, I allowed memories of all of our times together to meld into one powerful, all-consuming sensation which travelled from the base of my stomach like excitement and anticipation wrapped into one, and up into the centre of my chest where it exploded like fireworks, making my heartbeat heavy and my breath quicken.

He saw this shift in me, his eyes darkened…he knew it was time.

The Life And Fantasies Of A True Submissive

The Life And Fantasies Of A True Submissive

I am so excited to say that my books are now on sale !

  • The Life and Fantasies is a complete D/s erotica collection.
  • The Loved Little Girl is a short story written from both the sub and Dom’s viewpoint (by me and my Sir)!

The collection:…

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I’m so excited and thrilled!

I hope you love them

(p.s It says the paperback is out of stock but they are printed on order)

To review or for press, please email

Where You Belong

Where You Belong

He took me by the hand and led me to his knees

He looked me in the eye and told me to say please

I longed to feel that hand smack me hard and make me sigh

I wanted some release, to wince, to beg, to cry

So I dropped down to my knees and looked down toward the floor

And Daddy said that’s not enough, I needed to give more

So I placed my face toward the ground and pushed my hands out straight

I stayed there for a moment as he looked and made me wait

But still it was not deemed enough, he wanted me to beg

And so I shuffled forward and placed both hands round his leg

I lifted my face upwards to stare into Daddy’s eyes

And with such fire deep within them he then took me by surprise

By lifting me in one fell swoop, grabbing handfuls of my hair

He laid me down across him now, lifting one hand in the air

As he swiped and smacked and spanked me, and brought tears to my eyes

As the pain and pleasure swirled through me releasing primal, strangled cries

Dedicated to his task he said few words as he worked on

Except “Little girl, my sweetest thing, you know just where you belong.”


My Toy…A Sub-Slave Fantasy

My Toy…A Sub-Slave Fantasy

I walked around her, knelt there on the floor in the perfect submissive pose, knees apart, bottom resting on her heels. I watched her heart beating hard in her chest and her breath coming in sharp, short bursts of excitement…her long straight hair was hanging down either side of her hidden face like a silken curtain; beautiful and heavy, thick and a lovely ashy blonde.  Her breasts were pushed up in a cup-less bra, supported only by the underwire and a slip of pink silk which held them up high – nipples taut with anticipation of a finger or tongue.


Her pale slim wrists rested against her lower back, bound with a black satin bow, which matched her panties also.  She looked delectable.  And I was excited to say she was all mine for the night. My toy.  My plaything.  My first sub of my own.  A gift from Sir who was allowing me to play out one of my deepest fantasies.  He has spanked me hard until I had come up with a single fantasy which was far beyond the realms of my reality.  He made me work for this experience…I had told him many other fantasies as he spanked, but none of them were deep enough for him…until I told him my desire to have my own submissive slave for the night.  He asked me to describe her in great detail as he switched from spanking me to bringigetoutofhandcuffs_article.jpgng me to the verge of orgasm with his fingers deep inside me.  This, mixed in with my words and actually speaking my fantasy out loud for the first time ever and starting to imagine it actually happening and coming true created such a desperate rapture within me that I came so hard that night that I squirted all over him…and this pleased him.

And now here she was…exactly as I had described her.  Where had he found her?  Not really my problem I suppose.  I knew she was mine and mine alone…but he of course was to watch – how could a sub refuse after such a gift?  Plus being watched just made it all the more surreal and deeply deeply erotic.

I walked over to her and knelt down in front of her and requested she look up at me…I was taken aback as she did so.  Her huge, deep brown, almond shaped eyes looked into mine with such intense desire that I felt myself becoming wet in an instant…her pink rosebud lips looked swollen with lust and her cheeks were flushed to match.  She wore little or even no make up – yet her skin was porcelain smooth and pale.  I lent down and kissed her lips – biting the bottom one sharply as I pulled away…I was satisfied to hear a brief intake of breath.  I noted how it made me feel to be allowed to create a reaction in her like that…pleasure pain – I felt powerful, and in control and oh so turned on.

I was desperate to feel how wet she was…if she was anything like me, she would be equally desperate to be touched too…but I knew I had to take my time and make her beg.  Although I was new to being dominant, I knew I wanted her begging for release…and she would.   I began by squeezing one of her nipples tightly, and releasing it slowly…over and over again until the skin began to redden into a beautiful deep shade of scarlet…her eyes lids flickered and her breath kept catching in her throat as I continued…her head fell back slightly and a slight groan escaped her lips.  I caught the nipple for the last time in my fingers and used it to pull her back toward me at which point I thrust my tongue deep into her beautiful warm mouth and felt her own tongue greedily reaching back.

2729ea48b5fc228d1097a74ae3b14c35.jpgI knelt up so her neck strained back to stay in the kiss and I briefly held the back of her head as I took my fill of her mouth – the other fingers still working hard and firm over her now swollen nipple.  She groaned once again in to my mouth at which point I changed tack and lowered my fingers now, from her nipple down to between her legs.  Feeling the material still covering her, it was so damp and as I continued to kiss her hard, I gleefully smoothed my fingers over the satin here for a few moments – teasing her into deeper submission and ensuring she was desperate for what was to come.

Moving my free hand down from the back of her head to her beautiful slim neck, I held her fast here and pulled away and held her in line with my eyes locked to hers as I slipped the material to one side and slowly…painfully slowly…began to place one, then two, then three fingers inside her.  Her desire drenched breathlessness was only exacerbated by the tightening of my hand around her neck…god I wanted to hear and feel her come, but not yet.  She was so ready for her release, but not before I was ready to give it.


With three fingers deep inside her, and my thumb working over her clit, her body had turned to jelly and looking down to her chest I could see her heart beating at a fearsome rate.  She was about to come, so I swiftly removed any trace of myself from her, stood up and walked away.  Her head slumped forward once again and her shoulders lifted and dropped from her ragged breath…I could see her hands shaking behind her back.  This submissive slave reacted so beautifully.  I left her for a moment…taking just a few seconds to catch my Sir’s eyes whilst using my fingers, still wet from her to play over my own clit.  I felt my eye lids droop with desire…how did my Sir manage to control his orgasms when he was playing with me?  I was swiftly learning a new even more powerful level of respect for his dedication to my pleasure and punishment…I was desperate for release, but knew that waiting would make it all the more sweet.

7b89abedc7db8020a8c9f267ce33c64d.jpgI moved back toward her and twisting her long thick hair in my hand I made a lifting motion to which she instinctively moved up on to her knees and I led her like a dog on a lead over the edge of the bed before placing myself in front of her face, my legs wide apart…it was clear what I desired from my submissive and she gladly obliged, beginning by using her silky smooth tongue on the outside of my pussy before thrusting in deep, making me moan and arch my back.  My Sir was good but there was nothing like another woman to know what was needed from a tongue inside you.  I could feel her tongue retract and start to work over my swollen clit, over and over until I felt I would burst if I didn’t come..but not yet.  I clearly had the strength of a superhero today, being able to deny myself this orgasm.  I allowed her to play with me only for another 30 seconds or so…any longer and it would have been game over…I could feel that tonight, one orgasm would totally wipe me out, such was the build up of intensity within me over this experience.


I quickly and sharply pulled her head back using her hair once again, stood up, placed her face sideways on the bed, bent over her from behind and began a slow, steady rhythmic spanking on each ass cheek with my right hand.  It felt so good to be in control of these sensations and as her wetness coursed down her inner thighs slickly, I took the opportunity to move my fingers deep inside of her once again, this time, feeling frankly overcome with desire, I simply used four fingers and just pushed in as far as I could with them, and was gifted with a deep ravenous moan from her…holding my fingers in place I continued to spank her, now a little more solidly…her skin on her right ass cheek was reddening up nicely, and I was getting into a strong rhythmic pattern which I could tell was bringing her back to the edge of her own orgasm.  And so removing my fingers, I pushed my thumb into her wetness, and drawing a line ups with it, I began to push against her asshole until I felt her muscles give and my thumb was allowed to slip inside her.  She shivered deeply, and I pulled back out of her, and then pushed back in, all the whilst still spanking hard and now gaining in momentum too, I could feel my own orgasm wanting to find its release.  This energy was building up fast in me, and as good as it felt, I wanted to finally get mine!


Once again I pulled, out and away from her, and noting the collar around her neck, I went to the drawer where I keep my various toys and took out the lead which Sir used for my pet play.  Slipping the hook over her collar, I made an action which commanded her to turn around and said: “Sit”. She quickly obeyed and went back into her submissive position…knees apart, ass resting on her heels, hands still tied behind her back.  I then went back over to my drawer and took out my beautiful long glass dildo which had a stand to allow it to sit on any surface.  I placed it in front of her…grabbed her lead and pulled her up to standing before slipping off her panties with the command: “This cock is yours…I want to watch you come.  Sit but do not begin to move until I tell you.”

She did precisely as instructed, and I took great pleasure in watching her sink deeply on to the large glass cock, her eyes closing for a brief second as it pushed against her g spot and moved up against her cervix.

I then turned to my Dominant who was sat to one side, watching proceedings.  I wanted his own pleasured to be fulfilled as this was such a kind gift to me, and so I knelt between his legs and began undoing his belt, trouser button and zip and slipped out his beautiful long and extremely hard cock…he shifted to a slightly more upright position for me, and I turned and sat over him, my back to him, and lowered myself down his length, my eyes never leaving hers as I did so.


“Now”…I commanded.

And in tandem, we began to move up and down our respective shafts…slowly and steady to start, before picking up a little speed, her following my pace.  She held my gaze, and I hers, as I noted the lust fill her eyes, her lids swell and droop, her lips become engorged with blood, and her breath becoming faltering and desperate.  I could hear my own Sirs breath becoming stilted behind me, and electric shocks ran through me as he placed his hands upon my waist and lifted me up only to push me back down so he was now fucking my ass instead…I closed my eyes and groaned deep and hard at this new enforced pleasure-pain, and using his commanding hands, he swiftly set me a pace which he desired.  Pleasure and agony erupted through my body, and I heard her moaning with desire at watching us lost in out own moment of intense submissive Dominant pleasure.

I heard her begin to beg desperately for her release, as I knew she would: “Please…please…may I come? I need to come…please.”

At that moment, my eyes darted open and with a sharp, hard stare, I said: “I want you coming right now and I don’t want your eyes off mine even for a second as you do”…I could feel my own release become imminent, and as I felt Sir begin to use his fingers within my now empty pussy, I reached down to my clit and began to work over and over it…building up to my insane creschendo.


“Are you coming?” I asked her breathlessly…she looked her me and whimpered “Yes…yes…yes…I’m coming, I’m coming hard”.  And in that second she moaned long and loud and hard…her breath coming in pants in between her groans.  As she did so, and with our eyes locked together, I felt myself fall deep too…my build up was too intense for sound…the orgasm screamed through my insides, setting fire to everything it touched within me…the energy was like nothing I had felt before, and her moans, which seemed only to be increasing as my orgasm built, set me off on wave after wave of firey heat.  In that moment, I finally felt my Sir release too…his own orgasm clearly intensely heightened by the sight of his submissive lost in her sexual exploit with her own little slave, and with the sensation of his cock thrust deep into my ass, his deep gutteral sound, and desperate breathing sent me skyrocketing hard and fast and this time, I all but screamed.  My head flung back, my hands clutched and clawed at my chest and I felt his hands reach for my nipples and pull and pinch them hard, which only exacerbated my pleasure.  As he came in my ass, I felt his cock swell fractionally larger within me and I took great pleasure in grinding hard up and down fast over this new girth.

My submissive, now depleted, was watching us intently, her eyes still locked to my face, though my eyes were long since closed – so lost was I in my intense pleasure release.  As I felt my orgasm begin to subside, I noted her subtle movements in standing up, panties now in hand, and walking to the door and hearing the latch click shut behind her.

I fell back against my Sir, exhausted and utterly depleted. I lay there for a moment, with him still deep inside me, before whispering: “Thank you Sir.  Can we do that again soon??”


Safe Space

Safe Space

As a submissive, having a place to come to be open and yourself is a blessing.  I was inspired by a lovely follower on my Facebook Page to create a private group just for subs to come and meet one another, share your stories, give advice and guidance, receive answers to your questions, and basically make friends and feel welcomed and loved for who you are….

I will be there regularly so if you have any questions just let me know on the page

It is set to private so no one (friends/family) can see what the page is about or know about your little subbie alter ego if you do not want them to.

Click here to join me