For Them

For Them

As he held me in place phsycially – my face pressed into the matress, my ass forced up high to where he liked it – I found in me once again, that space in my mind I always craved.  Where thoughts slowed down and sensations heightened – like a panther preparing to pounce.  Everything was electric…every movement, sound and touch sparked, like a chemical magic brought about only by the perfect combination of two beings in their natural element.

As the spanks on my bare skin ceased being a pleasurable physical assult and became nothing but a sound heard only from a vague distance, I felt myself grow weaker and stronger all at once.  I found my place here, simultaneously becoming both the hunter and the prey.  I always find my strength, ironically, at my most vulnerable moments.

At that moment, I felt as ferocious and free as a wild animal…but an animal who ultimately wanted only to be collared and led back to her cage.  The power to roar, but the desire only to purr.

The right owner can bring out the best in their pet.


After as a lay in his arms on the bed, I soaked up the peace and stillness which my sated mind poured luxuriously over my physical being.  Mind and body in perfect rhythm; each feeding the other…allowing me to feel and breathe, run free and wind down, as and when required.  The perfect partners in a masochistic crime; granting their owner…me…the rare and beautiful opportunity to withdraw or come alive at the skill of my own Master. I find I am at the mercy of my beautiful body and sadistic senses as much as his hands.


For my babies: Pet and Sub

I Love you girls ❤ x

Being Pet

Being Pet

From where I sat curled up on the floor at his feet I could hear his slow steady breath rising and falling and could easily imagine how his solid rhythmic heart beat would feel under my hand were I too reach out and touch his chest. Pets don’t reach out though. Nor do they touch unless Owner requests it.

Fed and watered I was a content little feline all comfy on the floor, head to the ground, lying on my side, one hand under my head the other resting on my lifted hip. Once I had rolled languidly on to my back but he tutted and shook His head signalling that I needn’t think I could get too relaxed.  He liked me warming his feet! I rolled back to my side and He reached down and petted my hair, down the side of my head, behind my ear, down my neck and lazily stroked over my shoulder, His fingers just brushing my naked breast as He leant back to His sitting position.

I was safe here. So happy and comfortable.

Being Pet was my favourite.